Mixed Bites – Wellness for Women Over 40


Welcome to Mixed Bites, a web site about wellness for women over the age of 40. Of course younger women are welcome here, too, but the main focus of this site is for older sisters — those of us who have been around the block enough times to know what it means to be part of the “sandwich” generation or to deal with the fact that we are never, ever again going to see our pre-baby abs, no matter how in shape we get.

It’s my goal to help you acquire the knowledge you need to increase the level of wellness in your life. Much of what you’ll read here is inspired by own desire for knowledge. You’ll see me trying out new recipes, learning why agave is no longer the best thing since sliced bread, following up on beauty trends, and looking into new workout programs.

Are you interested in getting into the best shape of your life? There’s no magic pill or program. Read So You Want to Lose Weight and Shape Up for a factual look at how to lean down and tone up.

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